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What We Do

The benefits of a multidisciplinary, brain- and body-based approach 

You are multidimensional and complex. The brain, body, consciousness, and unconsciousness are connected to each other in ways that we are just starting to understand. Research proves that your body has a significantly larger influence over your conscious brain than your conscious brain has over your body.

Try it now: can you talk your body into not freezing when surprised? Can you reason with your heartbeat so it stays stable when you're in danger?

Simply focusing on talk therapy is like only allowing yourself to use one arm when swimming. You can do it, and you'd probably get to shore if you need to, but it sure makes it a lot harder than it has to be!

Keep reading to learn about how each beyond the talk discipline can support you in your wellness.

EMDR is an evidence-based therapy that draws on the neurobiology of the brain. By engaging in specific cadences of bilateral stimulation, EMDR helps to process the "stuck" memories that are causing distress. It accesses the neuropathways that are keeping your internal alarm active beyond what's adaptive and works to help you build the neural networks that will actually work for you. 

Most clients find EMDR to be beneficial because it doesn't require the traumatic retelling of events and its effects are often seen within a shorter amount of time when compared to traditional talk therapy. EMDR can be used for a wide range of issues and is not limited to what is traditionally quantified as "PTSD" or "Trauma".

For more information about EMDR and how it can benefit you, check out these links below:

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EMDR | Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing 

Expressive Art Therapy for Inner Exploration

Art Therapy relaxes the nervous system by engaging all your senses. Through the process of art-making, you experience a shift from your sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system; this is what helps your body self-regulate, reduce anxiety, regain control, integrate acceptance of self and turn your executive functioning back online. 

The most important thing to remember about art-based practices in therapy is that it's not about the artwork itself. There's no skill level required to engage in art-based practices, in fact, the more organic the piece is the better! By combining the creative process and psychotherapy, art helps you self-explore through a level of unconscious meaning-making that inaccessible through talk therapy alone. The best thing, art-based practices are beneficial for any problem you might be experiencing! 

For more information about Art-Based Practices and how they can benefit you, check out these links below:

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Breathwork Practices For Nervous System Mastery

Breathwork is an ancient practice that has been known in cultures all around the world. But don’t let “ancient'' fool you, the science of breathing has been well-established for over 100 years. Breathing practices have been proven to help improve sleep and digestion while reducing stress and anxiety. It can even calm your heart rate and lower your blood pressure while managing respiratory conditions like asthma.

Have you noticed that our breath and the state of our nervous system are closely connected? When your nervous system is stressed, you breathe more quickly and when your nervous system is relaxed, you breathe more slowly. The same holds true the other way around. This is the power of yoga breathing: changing the way you breathe changes the state of our nervous system. Being able to influence your nervous system like this is like finding the secret shortcut in the middle of rush hour. You get to your destination much faster and without all the road rage.

Want to learn more? Sign up for a free discovery class where our Certified Breath Coach will answer any questions you may have, take you through an experiential practice, and work with you to create your four-week, personalized program that gives you everything you need to markedly improve your well-being. It’s time to start working with your body so that you can focus on what really matters to you: connection and fulfillment. All of Venturous' proceeds from breathwork sessions are redistributed to BIPOC-led organizing efforts. 

Walk & Talk Counselling and Nature Therapy

Private / Group Yoga Practice for Mind-Body Wellness

What exactly is yoga and what does it have to do with your emotional health? Yoga is a philosophy and an interplay between movement and breath; it’s not just exercise, it trains your nervous system and cultivates emotional resilience through incorporating conscious breathing into your practice. Aside from flexibility, it also builds strength and brings balance to your body, while reducing anxiety, depression, and stress. Needless to say, there are many proven benefits of taking yoga classes in Vancouver.

How does it do this? The poses in yoga are a form of intentional stress that forces you to adapt and become stronger over time. When combined with controlled breathing, you teach your body and mind to become less reactive and more responsive. It’s a targeted practice for your nervous system. It balances your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system so that you can reduce your anxiety, chronic stress, and inflammation. By building this level of body discipline, yoga classes in Vancouver can also help to improve your sleep, jumpstart your digestion, and lower your blood pressure.

Unlike other yoga classes in Vancouver that have you passively watch an instructor take you through their practice, we tailor our classes to the specific condition your body and mind are in at that moment. We watch for and adjust your alignment as we go so that you can get the most out of your practice. Our style of yoga is fun, dynamic, and challenging while being accessible to everyone. It’s wonderful on its own and a great addition to other movement and bodywork practices.

Still want to put off becoming more flexible, getting stronger, cultivating emotional resilience, and improving the quality of your sleep? Didn't think so! Check out our free discovery class where our Certified Yoga Teacher can answer any questions you may still have and develop your very own personalized program. You can even bring one additional guest at absolutely no additional cost. We got a variety of class passes to help you turn Yoga into a consistent and foundational holistic self-care discipline. Plus, all our yoga classes in Vancouver are conducted virtually over a secured online platform, so you can focus your attention on cultivating your very own wellness practice. All of Venturous' proceeds from yoga classes are redistributed to BIPOC-led organizing efforts. 

Walk & Talk therapy is an enriching alternative to online sessions, especially if your home is not necessarily secure enough for fully immersive online sessions. Nature as a healing practice is not a new idea - science has just caught up with the knowledge that Indigenous folks have been fighting for, for centuries. To honor the knowledge of and in response to the ongoing and attempted genocide of indigenous folks, all of Venturous' proceeds from Walk & Talk sessions are redistributed to Indigenous organizing efforts.

Besides being an alternative setting to deepen your inner work, it has been shown that Walk & Talk therapy, especially when done in a natural environment, helps to quiet the part of our brain responsible for producing ruminative and negative thoughts while promoting quantifiable health indicators. The beneficial effects include reducing depression, anxiety, and stress while enhancing mood and focus. It also triggers the areas of the brain associated with empathy and compassion and works with your body to get unstuck when confronting difficult issues. When we integrate the mind, body, and nature into the work while engaging in a multi-sensory experience, our nervous system is calmed and we are able to come to more creative, deeper ways of thinking. 

Simply put, movement propels us forward - literally and figuratively! It is a similar process to the science behind why EMDR works so well. It allows us to process our emotions and inner narratives through our body, our mind, and our spirit.

Walk & Talk therapy can be a standalone practice or engaged in conjunction with any other service we offer. Currently, all Walk & Talk sessions are located in a private, natural space in South Surrey. 

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